by Sunstone

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released June 16, 2018


all rights reserved



Sunstone London, UK

Four musicians met in a youth club off Tottenham Lane, London and formed Black and Fantasy Tan.
George Wong, formed Sunstone, collaborating with 2x nominated Grammy artist K.O. and JR Long II, accomplished musician and 5 x hit single Producer.
George became a Winner of the International Indie Songwriters Contest in both 2018 and 2019 for two tracks from the debut album Hope.
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Track Name: I Love You (Way Too Much)
When you were leaving
You hardly said a word
Always had a feeling there was doubt
Maybe I was wrong
Couldn’t let it show
Now it seems my feelings are out of control

I Love You… Way too much
(when will I ever learn)
It’s happening…. Once Again

No time for grieving
You never worked it out
Always in that shell alone
He loved, loved you from the start
But it’s hard to show
I’m not the kind of girl to let my feelings show

I never showed you love
I never showed you love
That’s my problem
I never showed you love
I never showed you love
Track Name: More Than Friends
I saw you there
Standing on the corner
Trying not to look his way
If you knew
How much he adores you
Hoping that you feel the same
I know that love
Will come your way
And say

Hi Hi
Would it be ok
If he called you up someday
And say Hi
How’s that sound?
I see us so much more than friends

So please when he came over
Could have almost died in side
Not lookin for a quick flirtation
You’re searching for the perfect guy
I know this time
It’ll come your way

Relax and play it cool maybe
This time he’s onto you
I sense the mood is changing
Can you feel it too
Track Name: You
When I’m at work
I think of you
You’re on my mind constantly
I get home from work
I don’t want to eat no food
Just wanna hear you sweet voice
On the telephone

You make me feel so Good
You make me feel so fine
You give me such happiness
Radiate such joy
And all I wanna do my dear
Is hear you on the telephone
‘cause baby when there’s no one home
I can be myself

Before we met my life was so tedious
I would do everything
In the same routine
But since we met
My life has new meaning
I must confess you help brighten up the way

Baby please
Don’t frighten me with over games
I promise you I never change
Just stay as you are.
Repeat chorus
Track Name: A Better Man
I don’t think we should be here right now
I don’t think this is the right thing to do
So lets just go are separate ways
You go your way and I’ll go mine
Who’s gonna pick up the pieces

There’s no need to ask me how I feel about you
Its already gone
You only know too well
I was gonna to take some time before I told you,
We’re through
‘No baby don’t say its true’
When I saw her with you, knew that it was over
But you asked me back, you and her were no more
Now you’re on your knees begging for forgiveness
Said you got it wrong,
Please tell me how..

If you could show me the way it can be
I need a better man
Someone who understands
If you could show me I want to believe
I truly want you to
So we can see it through this time

I was there when you were struggling to make it
I was there for you, right from the very start
All the times we shared
We laughed when it was hurting
But we pushed on through
Cause we needed to
It hurts so much to think of what we went through
Now you’re rolling hi
Seems it don’t mean a thing
But when you come back I feel
You ain’t forgotten
Just a silly fool
Just a fool for you
Track Name: All For Us
I know that it’s coming
I feel it all the time
I got a bad feeling
I get it deep inside
Mamas all alone and crying
She can’t make it on her own
She needs help but no-ones stopping
Trying make it on her own

Oh Mama we love you
One day your time will come
No matter what you do
We know it’s all for us

She is trying so hard to make it
She is in debt getting too much
Praying hard but it’s a struggle
Neighbours got his eyes on her
Desperate times needs desperate measures
There’s a way that he can help
Please oh lord will someone save me
Make my problems Make my problems disappear

What am I suppose to say
When my child looks the other way
I can’t face the shame can’t take the pain
I can’t lie to her (no no)
I got hard bills to pay
Lord help me find a way
Track Name: Gimme Just a Sign
When I saw you on the dance floor
Couldn’t take my eyes of you yeah
When you moved me
Couldn’t ignore
Way you smiled and talked to your friends
If I ever get a chance to
Turn your head I make you wonder
If you ever leave your friends back
I will make you see
Baby Please

Gimme just a sign
Give me just a sign that will lead
To your heart
Give me just a sign
Give me just a sign
That will lead me to your heart Yeah…

Never listen to what your friends say
Search your heart, make up your own mind
If you step up
Take a chance now
Shut the noise out and you will find
Leave the guys and come on over
Read my lips, I want you to know
If I ever get a chance to
I will make you see
Baby please

Listen to your mind
Come on make a start
Take a chance on me
Listen to your heart

Shut the noise out and you will find
Leave the guys and come on over
Shut the noise out and you will find
Leave the guys and come on over
Shut the noise out and you will find
Leave the guys and come on over
Track Name: Asking You Nicely
Never wanted to fall in love with you
I know troubles on the way
Whole world’s upside down
Cannot help but reveal how I feel
Got to take the chance of pushing you away
And I say
It’s the only way to set my heart free

I don’t expect you to change overnight
But I’m asking you nicely
I don’t expect you to stay on this time
But I’m asking you nicely

So we’re just good friends
Baby tell me when I don’t want to go
Why can’t we be
When we meet again
Shall we just pretend the doors are all closed and let it be
It’s so hard when you turn the other way
And I swear
It will never stop until you say

Yeah we had our chance
But we made mistakes
I won’t leave it
Until it’s over
Track Name: Josie
She lifts her head from her coffee cup
but she ain't ever wakin' up
she always fritters her time away
Checks the clock she's runnin late
Oh no her life is so mundane
what happened to the years where have they gone?.....she says
I wanna go where the sun always shines
I wanna be there all the time

JOSIE - I'm talking to ya
JOSIE - can you hear me?
JOSIE - Come on , Come on, Come on
JOSIE - get it together, get it together, get it together
Get it together

Now she's sits there pondering
What sort of life can she begin
She only knows the road that she is on
You got to find it on your own
Cause you're the only one that knows
Where you're heading and where you been...she says
I wanna go where the sun always sines
I wanna be there all the time
I wanna go where the sun always shines
I wanna be there all the time

Search you heart for that helping hand
There's no need for no masterplan
Take the time to find yourself
Don't rely on nobody else

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